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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a few of the questions that we receive most often.  If your question is not shown or if you would like more details, please give us a call or e-mail us anytime.

Q: What flavors of cake do we offer?
Over the years, we have tested and proven many recipes of cake and sugar recipes and are very pleased that we have high taste quality recipes to work with that also provide good support structure for our design work.  We have dozens of delicious recipes, each made with the freshest of ingredients and created from scratch.  Our most popular flavor without a doubt is cream cheese pound cake. It offers an addictively delicious flavor while having a moist yet firm texture that is perfect for stacking large designs and for carving.  There are so many other flavors that are truly wonderful as well and we won't try to list them all but some of the more frequent requests are flavors such as death by chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake, peanut butter, strawberry, and amaretto.  We are not able to fulfill requests that require cold storage which is sometimes required for some cake and icing recipes.  Our cakes are fresh and never frozen so we therefore do not have a need for large cold storage that would be required for such requests. If you are considering a unique flavor not listed, let's talk about it.  We'll test a few recipes and create a flavor just for you.   

Q: What flavors of icing and fillings do we offer?
A: The most requested traditional icing is butter cream but we offer an assortment of flavors to compliment the cake design.  Another popular choice of icing that looks amazing and has a great taste is our dark chocolate icing. Flavored fillings are not as frequently requested but are certainly available for whatever taste idea you have in mind.  As long as the icing or filling does not require cold storage, then we can fulfill most any preference.

Q: Do we offer fondant designs?
A: Fondant cake design is one of our specialties.  We proudly use a premium quality rolled fondant from the leading commercial producer of rolled fondant products to the North American Baking and Food service industries.  We have found it provides the smoothest texture results and has a sweet, light, delicious taste.  We also use fondant for modeling custom designed characters, figures and other items so as to have as much of the total design edible as possible. 

Q: Do we offer gum paste flowers and sugar art?
A: Gum paste flowers add a magnificent touch to special designs and we are proud to include them in our custom sugar art design services.  We have expertise in the creation of most popular types of flowers including roses, sunflowers, stargazer lilies, calla lilies, carnations, tulips, daisies, gerbera daisies, orchids, and poinsettias to name a few.  Additionally, we make our own gum paste to ensure the highest of quality and texture for our designs.

Q: Can we just do a sheet cake?
A: Sure we can... but we prefer to provide designs that are more 3-D, creative and customized through carvings, modeling and sugar art.  We strive to never say that it can’t be done in terms of designs and imagination.  Our focus is custom designed cakes and sugar art for special occasions... designs that are unique, memorable, and which taste delicious.  

Q: How far in advance of the event should a client call to request a cake?
A: We wish that we had an easy answer to this but it really just depends.  Our recommendation is to always call to check with us and we will do our best to work out the request.  As soon as you know you are going to have an event and have an approximate date, please go ahead and contact us.  When you call in advance, we will place your request onto our event calendar to hold the date for you.  If you are certain of the date, we will be able to give you a commitment and depending on the size of the event we may request a service deposit.  If the date of the event is uncertain, still contact us and we will discuss options and hold the date for you as long as possible but we won't be able to guarantee the date.  Weddings and other larger events -- we frequently have commitments for over a year in advance but normally requests are reserved within 3 to 6 months of the big day.  Birthdays and other special events -- usually only a couple of weeks in advance provides enough notice but the sooner the better especially during holidays.  Also, for many birthday clients, we have standing requests always on the calendar each year.  For those client requests, we know to hold the date and that the committed date and details will be confirmed as the time gets closer.  Some weeks are not as committed as others, so regardless of the timing, please always check with us and tell us about your special event.

Q: Do we have any cakes already baked for sale?
A: We receive this question often but we have made the decision to not keep pre-baked unassigned cakes on hand for sale.  We pride ourselves on creating each cake from scratch to meet the design needs of the client.  We use the highest quality of ingredients in all of our recipes.  Our cakes are made fresh and never frozen.  Each design is custom created to meet the unique needs of each individual client.   

Q: Do we deliver?
A: Absolutely.  Our main bakery in Troy, AL has facilities available for pickup and most often clients prefer to come by and do so.  For larger cakes, those that have to be assembled onsite at the event location, or simply those with unique and more delicate designs, we would be glad to talk to you about how best for our staff to bring your request to you or to the event location.  We try not to limit our service geographically and we strive to be more than a local bakery. Delivery and setup is provided for free within an hour from Troy, AL and we will be glad to consider other locations as needed. Most deliveries are somewhat local, but in addition to our local Alabama market, we have provided service to clients in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina while accepting orders from across the United States as well as international requests for service fulfillment within our markets.

Q: Do we provide any baked items or catering other than cakes?
A: While cakes are overwhelmingly our most requested item, we offer a many other types of baked goods such as custom hand decorated and designed cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and petit fours.  We also gladly provide tuxedo design strawberries and other dipped and decorated fruit.  For the not-so-sweet-tooth, our cheese straw recipe is also popular.

Q: Do we provide a contract or service agreement?
A: Yes.  Especially for larger or more complicated design requests, our service agreement will be used to help make sure that we know exactly what we are to do to make your design and event as special as possible.  It provides all of the specifics for the request and the event and contact information for all of the parties involved as well as details of our mutual responsibilities.  A copy of the service agreement is available from our office or by downloading from following link.   TCA Service Agreement


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